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In any given year, around 400 West Virginians die in automobile crashes, while auto accident fatalities remain the top cause of death for young adults aged 15 through 24 years old. But numbers alone don’t convey the devastating consequences of an auto accident injury to the victims and their families. At The Law Offices of Druckman & Estep, our attorneys are experienced in the representation of clients who have been struck by an automobile or truck while in their own vehicles, on motorcycles or as pedestrians.

Types of auto accidents

When negligent or careless driving results in an auto accident, those injured as a result have a right to hold the responsible driver accountable for the undue physical, emotional and financial damages suffered. Our West Virginia auto accident attorneys represent clients who suffer injury or loss of a loved one as a result of negligence in all types of motor vehicle crashes, including:

  • Car collisions — Car accidents involving two or more vehicles that result from reckless behaviors such as speeding, distraction, texting or using a mobile phone and DWI related accidents.
  • Truck crashes — We handle all types of trucking accidents, including those involving tractor-trailers, semis and 18-wheelers. Many truck crashes are a result of driver fatigue.
  • Motorcycle accidents — Auto accidents that occur when motorcyclists are struck by other drivers or truckers, often resulting in catastrophic injuries to the motorcyclist.
  • Pedestrian accidents — When motorists collide with walkers or bicyclists.

Skillfully conveying the facts

As experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers, Bill Druckman and Madonna Estep will seek knowledgeable experts to investigate whether human error, weather, road conditions or an automobile defect was the cause of an accident, and to skillfully convey the facts to a jury. The damage awards we seek and secure provide compensation for medical expenses, loss of pay and the very real pain of injuries that damage your mental capabilities, physical appearance and quality of life. That includes loss from accidents when negligence or carelessness — whether that involved intoxication, excessive speed or other deliberate violation of the traffic laws — caused injury or death in your family.

Proving where liability resides

Defendants in West Virginia auto accident cases often have lawyers appointed through liability insurance carriers, who try to use their own experts to challenge legitimate plaintiff claims. Because the personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Druckman & Estep represent only people who have suffered significant injury or catastrophic loss of a loved one, we know how to prove to a jury where liability resides and to secure for our clients the compensation they deserve.

Injury or death in motor vehicle accidents can also be caused by defects in a vehicle’s product design, manufacturing or misuse. In such cases, our combination of trial and negotiating skill, solid technical knowledge and innovative strategies can rebut the defenses of product manufacturers and their insurers.

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