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For Referring Attorneys

Providing Specialized Counsel To Your Clients

Due to the technical skills involved in prosecuting a malpractice claim, including the difficult task of establishing that the standard of care was negligently violated and the complex medical issues that must be assessed, an inexperienced lawyer risks making a technical error that can cause a malpractice case to be lost or dismissed.

If you are an attorney or law firm seeking assistance in a malpractice, catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death case, the West Virginia malpractice lawyers of The Law Offices of Druckman & Estep are available to partner with you to counsel your client and help secure the compensation warranted by the facts. We regularly accept cases from other lawyers throughout West Virginia and the United States. Attorneys Bill Druckman and Madonna Estep welcome the opportunity to work with other lawyers on malpractice and related cases they do not routinely accept or cases they feel require more specialized counsel.

Building A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

We appreciate the significant trust given by those who refer their clients to us. Therefore, as West Virginia medical malpractice attorneys, we are committed to building long-lasting and mutually beneficial referral relationships with our professional colleagues in other law firms. We do our best to provide the highest quality services to your clients that enhance their relationships with you. Likewise, we look for ways in which a referral to your firm would add value to our client relationships.

Equally important, we communicate as often as you wish to keep you informed on our progress in helping your client. Whether you wish for us to handle the entire matter and inform you upon conclusion or to advise you with regular updates on the latest events, we will respond in the way that you prefer.

Welcoming Your Referral Inquiry

In our view, a successful referral arrangement observes the highest ethical requirements of the Rules of Professional Conduct and rests on a foundation of trust and integrity between law firms. We would appreciate the opportunity as West Virginia malpractice lawyers to establish such a relationship with your firm and clients. Please call Bill Druckman or Madonna Estep at 304-342-0367 or contact our law firm online.

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